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Kimberly Brochocki » Welcome, 3rd Grade Huskies!

Welcome, 3rd Grade Huskies!

Welcome to Miss Brochocki's 3rd grade class! I am so excited you're here. This will be a fun year of learning and growing together. 
Some skills we will learn in 3rd grade are:
-Multiplication and division problems within 100
-Tell and write time to the nearest minute
-Graphs and data
-Build close reading skills
-Decode multi-syllable words
-Understand root words to decode meaning of an unknown word with same root
-Describe main idea or theme of a text
-States of matter
-Water Cycle and Clouds
-Early North American Settlements
-Indigenous People
-World, US, and TN geography 
....and MUCH more! 
As you can see, we've got a busy year ahead of us. This webpage will be a way for Distance Learners to get to important sites and for In Person Learners to use as needed. 
Please stay in touch so we can have the best year yet!