Hello and Welcome to Art Class!

Hey all of you amazing virtual huskies! I am excited you are here! Please visit Kiddom at the following links to access art lessons. Most lessons can be done with materials you have around the house, and please feel free to make changes based on the availability of art materials you already have! I am more than happy to answer any questions about material swaps, alternative ideas or activities, or really anything art related. Please don't forget to snap a picture of your work and send it to me through email or Dojo. 
4-5 KC-E52LF
If you are attending in person, I would recommend wearing older clothing for art days. Smyrna Primary follows a six day rotation schedule for related arts.
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Janes Sweeton   Aprea Lodl Hand
Harmon Fuqua Haupert   Neal Kumlien
  Gregson Brown Cox Ferguson Bohrer
Summers Brochocki Farris Fleener Taylor Labuda
Bull Howington Long Brownlee Lisovitch  
Rutherford   Strickland Winters   Seymore
At this time, I will prerecord videos for you to work with, and we will not use Zoom for art purposes. Please be patient, as this is my 14th year teaching art, but my first teaching virtually and in person. I am very excited, but a bit nervous as well. I hope to see you in person before too long, I miss seeing your smiles!