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Counselor's Corner

The mission of the Rutherford County School Counselors is to serve as student advocates, providing a comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students in an educational environment. Elementary school counseling is an integral part of each school's total education program. It is developmental by design and includes sequential activities organized and implemented by licensed school counselors with the support of teachers, administrators, students and parents.
We believe students must be given the opportunity to succeed. Therefore, we strive to maintain open communication between the classroom teacher and parents, welcome and encourage parental involvement, and are considerate and sensitive to personal needs of students and families.

Meet Ms. McCleary                                                                              

School Counselor Meghan McCleary is from a small town in Southern Illinois. After earning Bachelor's Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Meghan decided to pack up and move to Nashville, TN. She has been living in Nashville since March 2006 and loves it!

After deciding to go back to school to pursue a Master's degree in December 2012, Ms McCleary received a Master of Education in Professional Counseling [School Counseling] from Middle Tennessee State University.

Ms McCleary is an avid reader and movie lover with an eclectic music taste. She’s loves to spend time with friends and family and often travels back to Southern Illinois to visit.


Privacy and confidentiality are essential to having an effective school counseling program. Smyrna Primary School recognizes the importance of good communication and good working relationships between students, parents, and the school. Therefore, every effort will be made to protect student and parent privacy rights except under certain limited conditions. These conditions generally include safety issues (harm to self and/or others), legal issues, and professional responsibilities (see the American Counselor Ethical Standards for School Counselors at