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Parent Resources

Everyone gains if school and home work together to promote high academic achievement and life-long learning. Parents play an extremely important role in their child’s school success and communication between home and school is critical. Here at SPS, we welcome all families into the school community and speak up for every child. We will work with parents to build a partnership and will strive to share responsibility. Just a few of our resources are listed below. 

Parent Conferences                                                                     

Please call to schedule an appointment to discuss any social, emotional or academic concerns you may have for your child. Together, we can support your child during stressful situations and transitions. Referrals to community resources are also available.

Parent Library                                                                               

Come in and browse the parenting resources in the counseling office. Children's books are also for loan to help you discuss sensitive issues with your child. For example, there are books to help you explain divorce, separation, and death of a loved one or a family pet.

Some Helpful & Informative Websites